How do I run scheduled tasks (cron jobs) on my account, and how frequently can I run them?

Scheduled tasks (also known as cron jobs) can be set up though Web Hosting Control Panel.

This feature allows a command to be executed automatically on a set schedule - as regularly as once an hour, or as rarely as once a year.

Cron tasks can be set to run on every hour, day, week or month.

Up to three cron jobs can be set up on each hosting package. If more than three commands are required, a script can be executed to carry out the tasks.

To setup a scheduled task simply log into your Web Hosting Control Panel Control Panel, select 'Web Tools' and follow the instructions for 'Scheduled Tasks'.

The "Minute" value of a cron task represents how many minutes past the hour the task should be run, rather than at how many minute intervals it should be run.

As such, setting the "Minute" value to "1" won't run the task every minute, but at 1 minute past each hour.

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